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Anybody here into Esser? He's a great artist from the UK that I'm really getting into lately. He's got influences of Morrisey and The Streets. I think you guys will love his stuff!! Check him out!

This is his video for "Headlock" (my favorite track off the album):

Watch it here!

And here's the video for "I Love You" (another great song):

Watch it here!

If you're in the NYC Area, Make sure to check out his show at Le Royale on June 15th:

You into it yet? Check Esser out on Myspace!
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Listened to his album when it came out, it made no distinct impression on me and I never bothered listening to it a second time. Sorry.
No offense, but I think being influenced by someone is something and emulating every single thing of it another. He should have a very own personal style.